55 Manifestation Affirmations


This Free Guidebook from Emily Empowers Will Show You:

- How Affirmations Work
- A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Use Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration & Manifest Your Dreams into Your Reality!

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 In this Guidebook YouWill...


Learn How Affirmations Work


Learn How to 'Keep it Real' & Stay in Authentic Alignment When Using Affirmations


Find out my 7 Step-by-Step Process to Manifest with Affirmations


Receive 55 Powerful Manifestation Affirmations - Split into Easy to Choose From Categories:
- Love
- Wealth
- Career/Business
- Confidence/Self-Esteem
- Health/Healing


Be Invited to Start the Process in Becoming a Vibrational Match to Your Manifestations in a '21-Day's to Change' Challenge

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